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A business owner confessed how they had overlooked the power of social media. They gained a new client because their business was on Twitter. "We made no effort. We must talk; we're missing a trick." So here we are...

Today our clients include: Tone FM radio, Taunton Flower Show, Mayor's Variety Show and others.

While we encourage looking at your branding as a whole, Twitter is our main focus. Twitter's often the one that many businesses fail to understand and exploit to their benefit. However, used correctly (!), Twitter is a powerful networking and marketing tool.  The potential

in-roads will amaze you.

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..."And they're almost certainly not reading this." Mike Godleman @missingatrick

"Sadly true..." Gregg Weiss (@greggweiss)

About you

Your brand online and offline is crucial. Your website, blog, social media, in pictures and in print, all tell a story about you, your business and the customers you want to attract.​

But do you have the time to do it right, stay consistent and be relevant?

Need a three months steer, half-day training, maybe a photographer? Enquire today using our form.

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"If you're not using Twitter to communicate with, learn from, & help your customers then you're not marketing in the year we live in." Gregg Weiss (@greggweiss)